Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Asaram associates had finally surrendered silpi

Jodhpur, 25 September

Sexual exploitation in the prison closed asaram respondents associate with the perpetration silpi surrendered to the court in Jodhpur has. 

Advance bail application was rejected by the court in Jodhpur in Jodhpur court today silpi being absent for several days, has been surrendered. 

Sanchita Gupta sculptor real name, but by asarama kordavarda it was given the name as a sculptor.

Architects working in as many long asaramana chindavada Ashram warden.

Jodhpur court on September 20 by the first builder bail application was rejected.

Note that some time before the pros chef asaram saradacandrae light and surrendered in court.

Sexual Assault: Now trouble for Asaram Bapu arrived from America!

It seems that more trouble for self-styled godman Asaram Bapu arrived from America.
Father of the minor girl, who has hurled sexual assault case against the septuagenarian, now claimed that Asaram's aides allegedly have been trying to trap him in false case.
The minor victim's father filed another complaint with police saying he had received calls on his mobile phone from an unknown person.
The caller reportedly has called from America and wished to help him financially.
Hence, the caller asked all bank account details of the complainant.
The father of victim suspects that the caller might be a supporter of the spiritual guru who currently has been lodged at Jodhpur Central Jail in connection with the sexual assault case.
Earlier followers and supporters of the "godman" allegedly had threatened family members of the 16-year-old victim to withdraw the case against Asaram.
The self-styled godman allegedly had assaulted the girl sexually at his ashram near Jodhpur on Aug 15. Later he was arrested from his ashram in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Asaram's dirty work with two colleagues who surrenders

Asaram Bapu who calls himself Lord of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, one of the two associates surrendered in court on Friday . 
Both partners in a sexual harassment case of a teenager accused of Asaram .
Teenager victim of Asaram located in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh, who lived in the dormitory of the ashram , his cooks Sharad Chandra Prakash and dedication is in charge of the hostel .
Both the anticipatory bail, had pleaded innocent , but on Thursday withdrew his petition .
The official said that both light and autumn appeared in the court of district and sessions judge on Friday ansurrendered 
The official dedication in police custody after they were sent. Both will be interviewed by the police. 
Uttar Pradesh belonged to the victim and his family have been one of the devotees of Asaram.  
To protect children from sexual crimes against Asaram law and under various sections of the Indian Penal Code was charged.
He has denied the charges against him. Asaram Indore Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and brought a September arrest and placed them right in Jodhpur Central Jail.
Shiva also pay with a colleague in crime have been arrested. Chhindwara accused the warden of the hostel by the artist petitioned the court for anticipatory bail has been rejected. Police are still searching for him.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Asaram Bapu's men threatened, tried to bribe cops: Rajasthan police

Spiritual leader Asaram Bapu at Jodhpur prison
Jodhpur: Supporters of religious preacher Asaram Bapu - under investigation for charges of sexually assaulting a schoolgirl in one of his ashrams - have tried to bribe and threaten cops, the Rajasthan police have said.

The Jodhpur police told a court that Deputy Commissioner of Police AP Lamba, who is leading the probe into a 16-year-old's allegation that the spiritual leader sexually assaulted her in one of his ashrams, had received a threatening letter on Tuesday.

The letter was allegedly faxed from Uttar Pradesh.
"Yes, our DCP was threatened," Assistant Commissioner of Police Chanchal Mishra told reporters, and confirmed an attempt to bribe the police team before they arrested Asaram Bapu from his Indore ashram on Saturday.

DCP Lamba had publicly said that the police had sufficient evidence against the guru and had corroborated the statement of the girl.

Asaram Bapu, who was sent to 14-day judicial custody, has been jailed in the Jodhpur Central prison. The 75-year-old has pleaded for bail on grounds that he is "unwell", but the court today reserved its decision.

Sources say the self-styled godman has insisted on food from his ashram and has refused to drink any water without adding drops from his bottle of 'gangajal' or holy Ganga water.

The police say Asaram Bapu had "lied" about being unwell as doctors had found him medically fit. The cops also said he had cleared a "potency test", indicating he was capable of sexual assault.

The spiritual leader, who teaches yoga and meditation, denies that he spent nearly an hour alone with the teen complainant at his ashram in Jodhpur. He told the police that he met the girl and her family as part of the massive crowd that gathered for his 'satsang' or religious discourse on August 15.

Friday, 6 September 2013


Jodhpur: Religious preacher Asaram Bapu, who has been accused of sexually assaulting a schoolgirl in one of his ashrams, today blamed the media for his arrest and sought bail on grounds that he was unwell.

The 75-year-old has to spend his second night in the Jodhpur Central jail as a hearing on his bail plea will continue tomorrow.

"It is because of you, the media, that the police hurriedly completed the investigation and my client was arrested," said Asaram Bapu's lawyer, who had cited 'trial by media' in the court hearing.

Asaram Bapu has been placed in the barracks right next to the jail dispensary. Sources said he refused to drink any water without adding drops from his bottle of 'gangajal' or holy Ganga water.

On Monday night, clashes broke out between police and Asaram Bapu's supporters outside the prison, where the preacher was moved after a local court sent him to 14-day judicial custody.

The police said Asaram Bapu is "lying" about a neurological condition that gave him headaches, and doctors had found him medically fit. The cops also said he is capable of sexual assault - he cleared a "potency test".

The spiritual leader who teaches yoga and meditation was arrested from his ashram in Indore on Saturday night. He says he is innocent and denies that on August 15, he spent nearly an hour alone with the 16-year-old complainant at his ashram in Jodhpur.

He has told the police that instead, he met the girl and her family as part of the massive crowd that gathered for his 'satsang' or religious discourse.

But the police say they have sufficient evidence and have corroborated the girl's statement.


 A saint has remarked, “For a hungry man, food alone is the spirituality, food grains are actual God and clothing solely is Divinity.”
It is absolutely true. Until and unless the fire in the stomach are satiated one can not imbibe spiritual percepts howsoever sound and great they may be. Pujya Bapuji, who is ever engaged in uplifting all strata of the society, by organising distribution of food to the poor along with satsang, has indeed put this principal into practice. Large bhandaras (feasts) are organized for the poor and trible people under Pujyashree’s guidance. Thereafter, clothes, utensils, food grains, oil, soap, amla choorna packets, Chyavanprash, sweetmeats, footwear and other daily necessities are distributed. Cash assistance too is provided. And at last, they are served with the nectar of devotion. As the devotees are engrossed in Kirtana (devotional chanting), the pace of chanting is upped and the loved one’s of the Lord are led into the laughter exercise to give them a taste of bliss. This extraordinary technique replaces the humdrum of their lives with cheerfulness. Then Pujyashree advises them on how to lead a healthy, happy and contented life.
Pujyashree tells them, “Among tribal people an erroneous custom of wearing silver bangles and silver rings has crept in, which is detrimental to health. Gold ornaments should be worn above the navel and silver ornaments, below te navel. Those going against this principle are prone to have physical and mental afflictions and those following it enjoy good health.”
The Sadguru who teaches the art of converting tears into a musical composition, death into salvation, hatred into love, defeat into victory has been instrumental in putting a stop to the practice of mourning excessively in memory of the ancestors that was prevalent in tribal community and has replaced it with the custom of expressing gratitude for the departed souls thereby converting death into an auspicious happening. The book titled ‘Mangalmay Jeevan Mrityu’ teaching the art of converting death into salvation, is a must for every household.
Lakhs of backward people have taken advantage of these Bhandaras, Sometimes sweet porridge, sweetmeats, fruits, sherbet, buttermilk, umbrellas are distributed in addition to Bhandaras. Trible people affectionately use different terms for Bapuji like ‘Sweet porridge Baba’ and ‘Buttermilk Baba’. In view of Bapuji himself participating in such altruistic endeavours His disciples get inspiredto follow suit with great zeal and enthusiasm. Bapuji says, “Make your life a celebration. (Utsav) ‘Ut’ means supreme and ‘sav’ means yajna (sacrificial act). Feeding a hungry man, giving water to the thirsty, showing the way to one who has lost his way, providing courage to te dejected, showing the path of satsang to people in bad company- all these are Karm-Yajnas (The Yoga of selfless action). If you feed a hungry person, hewill of course be benefited by way of his hunger getting satiated; but at the same time you will be all the more benefited by way of mental satisfaction an spiritual elevation.


An amorous person seeks women, one with attachment dies for family and a greedy one hankers after wealth but a devotee’s goal is God alone. When the Sadhaka, chained by shackles of Jiva-consciousness begins to fathom to some extent the worthlessness of the world, he starts feeling an urge in his heart for pur Self-bliss. Then start his efforts to attain this Self-bliss; he studies the scriptures and takes recourse to various spiritual practices. But when he realizes that he is not being bereaved of the inner emptiness by means, he forgets his egotism and seeks help from the all-pervading Supreme Being. And ow does the Supreme Being help him? The Almighty incarnates Himself in the form of God-realized Sadgurus and plays His divine frolics form time to time.
In this very chain of God-realized Sadgurus, Param Pujya Bapuji is taking the devotees effortlessly on the path to salvation by Darshan, Satsan, meditation, Kundalini Yoga and the Yoga of listening to the inner sound of Aum experienced in meditation. It is said in ‘Guru Granth Sahib’:
“Guru Nanak says that by coming in the tutelage of Sadguru, one gets such a knack as to attain salvation effortlessly and without any sacrifice as if in a play.’
Pujyashree says, “O sadhaka! God is not afar nor is the attainment of Him, difficult. Take a firm resolve today itself, ‘I will surely attain Self-realization’. You just have to take one single step forward; the Lord is willing to take 999 steps. You pray to the Lord timorously and lose yourself into Him; surrender yourself to Him who is your real master.”
The inquisitive aspirant does study the scriptures but he is unable to understand the esoteric message contained therein and as such fails to learn the art of leading a blissful life. It is possible only when you come across the Sadguru who has experienced and assimilated the scriptural maxim of ‘वासुदेव: सर्वम्’ ‘ all is God.’
Those fortunate few who have taken Mantra-Diksha from Pujyashree, a dispenser of the ambrosia of Self-bliss, and frequently attendDhyan Yoga Shibirs (Meditation camps), have, through His causeless unbidden compassion, got the divine experience of evolution their spiritual energy which makes worries and tension, disappointment and dejection flee from their hearts and unravels the sticky knots of their lives. Slowly and slowly their lust is converted into devotion, they get naturally attuned to meditation and their mind starts reposing in the Divinity within. People starts experiencing, in just 12 days, the real happiness and divine peace and tranquillity that others cannot find by self-mortifying sadhana of 12 years. Simply by sitting near the feet of compassion-incarnate Bapuji and listening to His Satsang, people get spiritually elevated and the hidden meaning of the scriptures is revealed to them.
Pujyashree’s message to the aspirants is, “wake up to your own Divinity. How long will you keep believing yourself to be merely a certain physical structure, mind and intellect? You are the Supreme Consciousness, wherein innumerable souls, infinite bodies are being echoed. You are the fragrance in the flowers, the nectar in the trees, the chirping of the birds. It is you who shine as the Sun and the Moon. Know your real nature of ‘I am playing in and as all that is’ and repose in your True Self, which is the real Samadhi and that too with open eyes. You have no time to waste because cruel Father of Death is hovering over your head.